GEWEFA UK are representatives for OTT-JAKOB Spanntechnik GmbH in the UK and Ireland.

As a result of decades of experience and ground-breaking developments, OTT-JAKOB now have a complete modular range with which several thousand tool clamping systems have been produced for HSK and steep tapers.

Based in Lengenwang, Germany, OTT-JAKOB’s extensive expertise makes them one of the leading clamping technology producers in the world. 

Additionally, as a producer of complete tool clamping systems, they are actively working to develop and integrate intelligent monitoring systems. In doing so, they will fundamentally shape the next generation of automatic tool clamping systems. In this way, OTT-JAKOB can ensure that their high-quality products will continue to help customers improve their long-term corporate success in the future.

OTT-Jakob tools uk

OTT-JAKOB Tool Clamping Technology

Whether milling, turning, grinding, or multitasking machining, with OTT-JAKOB’s manual and automatic clamping systems, rotary unions, and release units, (as well as their electronic assistance and control systems), OTT-JAKOB cover the entire range of tasks in tool clamping technology. 

As the world’s leading supplier of complete tool clamping units, OTT-JAKOB set the trends in the market and are prepared for all future requirements.

Automatic Tool Clamping

  • Steep taper
  • Rotary Union
  • Unclamping units
  • HSK
  • PSC
  • KM4X

Manual Tool Clamping

  • PSC
  • PTI
  • HSK

Power Check

  • Monitoring pull-in force
  • Guarantee consistently
ott-assistance system

Assistance Systems

  • Condition monitoring
  • MSU
  • GAUS