GEWEFA UK supply and represent Simon Nann GmbH & Co. KG in the UK.

Nann develops and manufactures clamping technology products with unique expertise and great experience for a variety of applications. One of their special strengths is the development of special clamping tools. 

Comprehensive know-how and advisory competence, in-house development and a high vertical range of manufacture enable them to guarantee robustness, precision and an outstanding price-performance ratio in industrial applications. 

Clamping technology by Nann has been field-tested for more than 80 years world-wide and provides high-value, precise results.

NANN Tools

Nann offers solutions for the highest demands in the various fields of application in which tool or component clamping is required and where flexibility and repeatable accuracy are key.

Collets, collet chucks and mandrels in standard design are available in all varieties.

You can find all standard clamping devices in the NANN catalogue.

Workpiece Clamping Collets
Workpiece Clamping Collet Chucks
Workpiece Clamping Sleeve Mandrels
Tool Clamping Collets