GEWEFA UK are representatives for Eugen Fahrion GmbH & Co. KG in the UK and Ireland.

FAHRION is a medium-sized, innovative, family-owned business located in Kaisersbach, Germany.  More than 110 years of business has made them the technological leaders in precision collets, and with their proprietary-developed and patented CENTRO|P precision collet chuck, their collets offer an optimally coordinated system that guarantees maximum precision, stability, flexibility, reliability, and economy. 

When it comes to clamping cutting tools, collet technology cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and economy. And if top quality and maximum precision are the order of the day, FAHRION is the only way to go.

FAHRION Centro-P Collet Chucks

Due to a uniquely clear and specific design, supreme production quality and consistent service orientation, FAHRION makes your work easier, more efficient, faster and more precise with its comprehensive range of tool clamping systems. Just right for demanding production tasks.

FAHRION clamping systems can manage highly complex challenges. At the same time they have done everything to ensure that their solutions remain conceivably uncomplicated and highly transparent for you. This way, you can assure a distinct advantage in terms of profitability.

FAHRION Centro | P Universal Program

Precision Chucks CENTRO|P

The CENTRO|P’s legendary reputation on the market is no coincidence. It is one of the best collet chucks that money can buy. Combined with the FAHRION collets, which are perfectly matched to this chuck, it achieves a system accuracy of 3  μm and avoids the need to use expensive hydraulic expansion and shrinking techniques.

Tapping Chuck SYNCHRO|T

By compensating the pitch differences or tolerances of the tap and the synchronous spindle, the machining results can be optimised while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness. A special tapping chuck with minimum length compensation is required for this.


Extensions to clamp in any tool holder for cylndrical tool shafts. Extremely slim design for deep diving into the work piece or in case of problems with interfering contour.